Robust. Simple. Feel the safety. 

Meet ARTUS, our core-technologies-powered exoskeleton for prevention of injuries at the workplace.


Comfort and usability always was a trade-of with protection. Until now. How? Let us introduce the revolution of finger exoskeletons, directly from the cradle of the German Life Sciences: Digity Size Wizard, DigiSkin and DigiLock.


Digity Size Wizard 

One picture.  Less than 30 seconds. 

The Digity Size Wizard has arrived to become the standard of hand and finger sizing tools; so simple that it will feel like magic.


One picture of your hand suffices to calculate automatically the best fit of our standard sizes, but also to create the set of measurements for our algorithms to create your perfect-fitting device

Do you want to use it? Contact us here to request a Size Token, subscribe yo our newsletter to know when the Digital Size Token will be available.


Small in size. Big in Performance.

DigiLock is one of our patent-application pending technologies. This little component enables ARTUS to become invisible to your natural movements, while becoming a robust, rigid protection when the joints suffer excessive extension or flexion.

DigiLock eliminates this dilemma safety VS. usability: it makes ARTUS feel flexible for comfort, and also strong and supportive for protection.


Feel the safety. Enjoy the simplicity

DigiSkin is our patent-application pending technology to enable haptic feedback. The flexibility of this component transpases the protective layer of ARTUS to transmit the stimuli of the real world straight to your fingerprints.

DigiSkin makes ARTUS so invisible to your senses that you will even forget that a robust and rigid shell is protecting your fingers.