Our hands define how we interact with the world. Our mission is to ensure that they are always healthy, protected, and productive.

About us

Digity is a hand-focused technology startup that has developed automated processes to enable the unimaginable: provide to the human hand with exoskeletons that integrally protect and support, while you feel like if it was part of you.

From the cradle of German Life Sciences

Our technology brings the future to your hands. Our vision is to become the innovation leaders that bring real solutions to the people's hand-related concerns.

Our Products

The Digity products address a wide range or potential applications and industries through active (prototype phase) and passive exoskeletons. Check out how our technology brings the future to your hands.


Robust. Simple. Feel the safety.

Meet ARTUS, our core-technologies-powered exoskeleton for prevention of injuries at the workplace. Safety, usability and performance finally come together thanks to our combination of patent-application pending technologies.

Where to Buy

Our official distributors are helping us to change the paradigm of hand exoskeletons. Check them out!

Who makes it possible

The team

Advisory Board

Product launch, events, insights into our development... if you blink, you miss it! 

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